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October 13, 2022







The game is all about war. It can easily be played on a mobile phone. The player had to battle and shoot. 2D graphic designing is explored in it. This game is a multiplayer game. It is one of those games which are played more. Its features are overflowing and prestigious. The energy is a boost in this game. It is fun to play. The player can get a genuine experience from it. The main theme of Mini Malta is although aggression, war, and violence. But due to its blasting features, it is fun to play. Once the player plays this game, they become addicted.


Mini Militia MOD APK

The genre of the game is action. It was released in 2011. The size required for the file is 43M. Mini Malta’s latest version is v5.3.7.The game is developed by player can easily install it from the Google Play Store. The rating of the app is 4.1 out of 5. It was updated recently on October 13, 2023.

Latest Version:

The latest and best version of this game is the Mini Malta Mod APK. All versions are so far good but this is one of the best because of its features and good qualities. This version is famous because of its funny character Doodle. The gameplay theme of Mini Malta is shooting, jumping, hiding, and combat. The player can play with his friends. In this version, the player can change the mod of the game.


There are different modes of Mini Malta APK:

  • Training mood

In this Mod the player can play offline without any network. The player can improve his skill in the training camp. The player can play in it like the original one. In this mode, the trainer guides the player on how to select the gun.

  • Doodle Army Survival

The player can enjoy the battle by playing without the internet. The trainer guides how to aim at the enemy. This mod improves the skills of how to reload the weapons during the battle.

  • Onslaught Mode

The player can play this mode online. In this Mod, the player found the dark area of the game. The player reaches out to the new missions, weapons, and maps. It is one of the challenging mod.

  • Endless Survival Mode

In this mode, the player tries for new levels or missions. This level is just a new addiction. This mod is free if anyone is not playing as a VIP. The player gets to know about new different game criteria and methods that were discovered.

  • Team Death Match

This level is a good experience for beginners. The player can play with their gaming skills as a good player. In this mode, only one player will be the winner. To play this mod, the player should be an expert in this game. Also check Naruto Senki APK.

Mini Militia MOD APK


  • There are different battles in it. So each theme gives the player their goal. And for that, the booster is provided.
  • All the weapons will magically boost up seven times.
  • The player can hide when the attackers are in his surroundings.
  • The player gives access to fly around and over the walls.
  • In the mod APK, the player can access all the locked weapons
  • The player has to complete the required stages to earn money.
  • The player can play it without any ads.
  • In the Mod IPK, the player can play the game on both IOS and Android.
  • The graphics are delightful and are in animated form.


Mini Malta Mod APK is a dark game but one of the funniest shooting games. It has a lot of Graphics and interesting features. This game is all about action sequences. This latest version is worth playing.

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