Geometry Dash APK Mod Full Version Download

Get ready for an exciting gaming adventure with the Geometry Dash! It’s not just a regular game – it’s a super fun experience that tests your skills and quick thinking. In this game, you’ll jump, dodge obstacles, and do cool moves to overcome tough challenges. It’s easy to play with just one touch, keeping you entertained for hours with its catchy beats and different levels. Plus, you can make the game your own by changing your character’s look with new colors and icons. So, download the APK, jump in, and get ready for an awesome time testing your gaming skills in the world of Geometry Dash!

Info Table

Feature Description
Game Type Rhythm-based action platformer
Updates Version 2.2.13 (as of Dec 18, 2023)
Compatibility Requires Android 5.0 and up
Downloads Over 5,000,000 downloads
In-App Purchases No in-app purchases
Developer RobTop Games
Release Date August 12, 2013
Family Library Eligibility Yes
File Size 147 MB
Active Devices Compatibility Works on devices with Android 5.0 and up


Step into the dynamic world of mobile gaming with Geometry Dash APK, a pulse-pounding adventure that transcends the ordinary. This rhythm-based action platformer beckons players into a vibrant landscape teeming with perils, demanding precision in jumps, and defying gravity with each obstacle. The pursuit of near-impossible feats requires players to push their skills to the brink, all while enjoying the accessibility of one-touch gameplay. Crafted by RobTop Games, Geometry Dash invites personalization with a range of icons and colors, infusing a distinctive flair into the gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Make precise jumps and cool moves in a fun action game.
  • Explore many levels with great music that makes the game even more fun.
  • Change the look of your character with new colors and icons to make it special.
  • Play without any interruptions or having to buy things while you’re playing.
  • Be creative and build levels that you can share with others who play the game.
  • Beat tricky parts of the game by flying and doing cool moves against gravity.
  • Get better at the game by practicing before you try the really tough parts.
  • Unlock different goals and get cool prizes for doing well in the game.


Geometry Dash APK Mod Full Version Download

Geometry Dash APK Mod Full Version Download

Geometry Dash APK Mod Full Version Download

How To Download And Install the APP?

  • Get the APK from a trusted source.
  • Allow “Install from Unknown Sources” in settings.
  • Tap the downloaded file to install.
  • Complete the installation steps.
  • Find the icon, tap, and start dashing!

Our Review

I really love playing games on my phone, and Geometry Dash APK has become my absolute favorite. It’s a super fun game that adds a lot of excitement to my gaming time. I enjoy doing precise jumps, listening to cool music, and tackling tricky challenges that keep me playing for a long time. The best part is I can make my game character look unique with different colors and icons. What’s even better is that I don’t have to buy anything while playing, and there are always updates to keep things interesting. I can’t get enough of Geometry Dash APK – it’s my top choice for fun and challenging gaming sessions!

Final Words

In conclusion, Geometry Dash APK stands out as an exceptional and thrilling addition to the world of mobile gaming. Its rhythm-based action, precise jumps, and gravity-defying challenges provide a unique and captivating experience. The customizable avatars, absence of in-app purchases, and frequent updates contribute to an uninterrupted and immersive gaming journey. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer seeking excitement, Geometry Dash APK proves to be the go-to choice for those who crave thrilling, challenging, and endlessly entertaining gameplay.

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