Specimen Zero Mod APK Latest Version

Get on an exciting journey with “Specimen Zero,” a spooky online horror game that takes players into a mysterious and scary world. You wake up in a strange place with memories of being kidnapped, and the game tells a scary story that keeps you really interested. Explore hidden buildings, a scary hospital, labs, and creepy rooms, solving puzzles and collecting things to escape from a scary monster. The game has a great story, cool gameplay, and an extra exciting online multiplayer mode. “Specimen Zero” promises an adventurous time for those who are brave enough to try it. Are you ready for the challenge of facing the unknown and discovering the secrets in this thrilling game?

Info Table

Game Information
Title Specimen Zero
Genre Online Horror Game
Setting Mysterious, Dark
Gameplay Features Exploration, Puzzle-solving, Item Collection, Online Multiplayer Mode
Atmosphere Spine-chilling, Suspenseful
Version 1.1.1
Release Date December 6, 2020
Developer Café Studio
Updated On September 2, 2023
Compatibility Android 4.4 and up
Download Size 147 MB
Downloads 50,000,000+
In-app Purchases $0.99 – $5.49 per item



Dump into a scarier world with Specimen Zero Mod APK, an upgraded version of the spooky online horror game. Imagine waking up in a mysterious place, feeling a bit scared because you can’t remember how you got there. Explore secret buildings, creepy hospitals, labs, and spooky rooms. Solve puzzles and gather important things to run away from a scary monster. The modded version makes the game even better with cool features and more excitement. Play with friends in online multiplayer mode to escape together from the scary stuff. Get Specimen Zero Mod APK now for a really exciting horror game that will give you a good scare!

Key Features

  • Play in a spooky building and stay safe from scary monsters. You need to be sneaky, explore, and solve puzzles to get out.
  • The game is really dark and creepy, making it feel more scary and exciting.
  • You can play with your friends together, making the game more fun and social.
  • Find and use different things in the game to help you move around and solve puzzles.
  • The game has hard puzzles you need to figure out to keep going.


Specimen Zero Mod APK Latest Version

Specimen Zero Mod APK Latest Version

Specimen Zero Mod APK Latest Version

How To Download And Install the APP?

  • Click on the above link to download the app.
  • In your device’s settings, under ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’, turn on ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Find the APK in ‘Downloads’ and click it to install. Follow what it says on the screen.
  • When it’s installed, click the game icon to play.
  • After installing, go to settings and turn off ‘Unknown Sources’ for safety.

Our Review

The scary experience keeps me really excited, and the mysterious places in the game make it even more interesting. Figuring out puzzles and getting things to escape from the scary monster is both scary and makes me feel accomplished. The upgraded version with Mod APK makes everything even scarier, with cooler features that make each part more intense. Playing with friends online is great fun and adds to the overall excitement. The places in the game are really well made, making it feel like I’m right there in the scary atmosphere. Finding out the secrets in the game has been really interesting, and the extra features make it even more thrilling.

Final Words

In conclusion, Specimen Zero Mod APK has totally changed how I enjoy games. It’s a super exciting journey into scary stuff that keeps me really hooked. Solving puzzles, facing a scary monster, and exploring mysterious places are all parts that make the game really intense. The Mod APK version makes everything even scarier with cooler features, making the game even more exciting. Playing with friends online is awesome and makes everything more fun. The places in the game are made really well, making it feel like I’m actually there in the scary moments.

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